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One problem many people have with law firms that handle Social Security Disability claims is that they don’t provide adequate attention to or explanation of the process, the rules and the politics now involved in every decision. At KBAR Legal Services, LLP, that won’t happen to you. 

We will take the time to understand your situation and the issues that are unique to your case. We will tell you what the rules are and how they will apply, and what to expect along the course of your disability proceeding. Our attorneys want to meet with you personally and advise you on the evidence required and how your situation will be considered by adjudicators. 

If Your Claim Was Denied, Do Not Give Up. We Can Help.

If you have been denied disability benefits, it may seem like the system is against you. However, with an attorney’s help, many people who are initially turned down are successful in obtaining the health care and income benefits they need. 

Disability cases are won by careful preparation and the application of the law based upon the specific facts of your case. We have successfully represented thousands of Social Security Disability claims using this approach. 

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