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Why hire an attorney for an SSDI appeal?

| Feb 26, 2021 | Firm News

Filing for Social Security disability insurance may prove more frustrating and challenging than initially expected. A significant number of initial claims end up denied. However, a denial on the first submission does not necessarily mean the end of the process. An Indiana resident may appeal the denial.

Addressing the problems found in the initial claim

Often, inexperience contributes to an initial claim ending suffering a denial. The applicant might think he or she compiled an acceptable submission, but the application may be incomplete or otherwise problematic. A person lacking knowledge or experience with Social Security Administration rules could repeat the same errors during an appeal.

Experiencing an appeal denial may then complicate the matter and drags things out. Hiring an attorney to handle the appeal might move the process along more smoothly and lead to a preferable decision from the appeal.

Sometimes, the appeal may hinge on submitting previously omitted material or making paperwork corrections. Other times, the process requires more complicated steps. Does the claimant suffer from a rare disorder? Perhaps the medical documentation requires clarity and better explanations to accompany the disability claim. An attorney might be able to pinpoint problems and work to fix them during the appeal phase.

Working with a Social Security attorney

A Social Security attorney may discuss the merits of the claim with their client, compile appropriate evidence and appear in-person on a client’s behalf. The appeal process may involve a hearing, an Appeals Council review or a federal court review.

A meeting with an attorney to discuss a Social Security disability insurance initial claim or appeal might be necessary. An attorney may be able to help a client through a challenging claim process.