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Can you get back pay with SSD benefits?

| Mar 5, 2021 | Firm News

If you apply for Social Security Disability in Indiana, it could take weeks for the government to accept your claim. In the meantime, you have to figure out how to provide for your family while you’re out of work. You can’t get that time back, but once the office accepts your claim, you might be eligible for back pay.

Does Social Security Disability come with back pay?

When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you might not get accepted until months after your initial filing. For this reason, many people are eligible for back pay. Once the government accepts your claim, they might pay you the amount that you would have received if they had accepted your application right away.

However, this isn’t the case in every situation. The SSD doesn’t offer benefits for the first five months that you were disabled. Additionally, you’ll have to file for SSD within a year of your disability to receive back pay. To qualify for SSD, you’ll have to show the government that you’ve been unable to work for the past year due to your disability or a doctor diagnosed you with a terminal illness.

In the end, everyone’s situation is different. A Social Security Disability attorney could review your case and determine whether you’re eligible for back pay, among other things.

Should you hire an attorney if you need to collect SSD?

Most people would rather collect their benefits now than wait several months and get back pay later. Unfortunately, a single error in your application can delay the entire process. An attorney could answer your questions and help you submit an error-free application.