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Many Hoosiers may be eligible for long-term disability

| May 17, 2021 | Firm News

Many Indiana residents may be eligible for what are called long-term disability benefits.

Private and public employers alike may offer long-term disability insurance as part of their benefits package. This type of insurance is also available on the private market, and many Indianapolis residents may buy as part of their financial planning program.

The idea behind this insurance is that if a person becomes unable to work, she will need replacement income. Long-term disability is supposed to provide some of this income. Depending on the terms of the policy, the insurance carrier will pay a set amount of replacement income either for a certain time period or until a person is no longer disabled.

Disability carriers sometimes deny claims

After an illness or accident, people will count on their insurance carriers to pay what they promised. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance carriers deny claims for long-term disability benefits.

In some cases, this may be because the injured or ill person has not applied for Social Security disability benefits. Many insurance policies require that before getting benefits, the person making the claim must file for Social Security disability.

If he does qualify for Social Security, the available long-term disability benefits may get reduced to account for the Social Security payments. If he does not qualify for Social Security, the long-term disability benefits may get denied or terminated.

This is one reason why it may be important for someone who need long-term disability benefits to speak with an experienced Social Security attorney who also has experience handling long-term disability insurance claims.

In other cases, it may important to have an experienced advocate respond to an insurance company that is denying a disability claim.