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Social Security benefits for autism can extend into adulthood

| May 27, 2021 | Firm News

It is estimated that one in 54 children have autism in the U.S., with the rate continuing to climb. Parents of children with autism know the struggles that their kids have in every-day life. This condition affects thousands of families across Indiana and affects many of these families bottom line. Autism is one specific medical condition that can qualify a person for Social Security benefits. Parents often want these benefits to continue as their children move into adulthood. With planning, these benefits can continue.

Preserving current benefits

Children who are receiving government benefits for autism can remain on Social Security Income, Social Security Disability, and Medicaid with proper planning.

Apply for new benefits

A child may not have been eligible for Social Security benefits because their parents income was too high but as soon a they turn 18 their income may be low enough where they would qualify for some benefits.

Social Security Disability attorney

Parents of children with special needs understand the need to create a long-term plan for their children. An attorney who specializes in Social Security and Medicaid benefits can meet with their client and help them obtain the benefits they need. They will take the time to learn about the family and develop a plan that protects their child both now and in the years to come. They will assist with the application and will help navigate the appeals process if the initial application is denied. Qualify for government benefiits can offer parents tremendous peace of mind that their child will always be provided for.