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Information required to petition for an adult guardianship

| Nov 5, 2021 | Firm News

As previously discussed on this Indiana disability benefits and guardianship blog, there are many reasons that parents may wish to establish guardianships for their adult children. When their kids suffer from intellectual disabilities or special needs, parents may worry about if their children will be able to manage their own lives once they are grown. When a child reaches the age of 18, their parents generally lose the right to manage their kid’s money and other important matters.

To establish a guardianship, a parent must petition the court for one to be granted. This post will discuss some of the information that courts require for guardianship considerations to be made. This post is not comprehensive and is only intended to serve as an overview of the topic. Case-specific advice can be sought from trusted Indiana-based lawyers.

Petition for guardianship

Specific information about the individual subject to the guardianship hearing must be included in the petition. That information includes:

  • The name and age of the individual
  • The individual’s address
  • The reason or nature of the individual’s incapacity
  • The extent of the guardianship sought (guardianships may be limited)
  • The value of the individual’s property
  • The proposed guardian and their address

This basic information can help a court understand why the guardianship request has been submitted and if it sufficient to award a guardianship based on its contents.

Advocacy for those in need of guardianships

It can be difficult on a parent to know their child needs support but to be unable to provide it once their child becomes an adult. A guardianship may be a legal and helpful way to support a special needs individual as they grow and mature. Individuals who wish to seek guardianships for their loved ones can seek legal support from attorneys who represent petitioners in guardianship cases.