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How does my disabled child turning 18 impact their SSI benefits?

| Jun 27, 2022 | Firm News

Supplemental Security Income can be vital for Indiana residents who have a disabled child. SSI provides payments each month. These payments are to serve the child’s needs whether the disability is mental, physical or both.

There are income restrictions and parents are limited to a certain level of resources to be eligible. A common worry, however, is if the child is about to turn 18. Parents and the child will need to know what happens when the child turns 18 and how their benefits can be affected.

What is the age 18 redetermination?

For anyone who is receiving SSI, they will intermittently be required to take part in a disability review. The Social Security Administration (SSA) does this to ensure that the person receiving benefits is still disabled and still warrants the payments.

For children who were getting SSI benefits and are turning 18, the SSA will assess their disability based on adult criteria. Unlike when the recipient is a child, the SSA will want to know if they are able to earn money on their own. According to the SSA, approximately one in three people who receive SSI as a child will stop getting benefits when they turn 18.

Education and vocational programs may let benefits continue

Even if the person is no longer eligible for SSI, they can continue getting benefits if they take part in a vocational rehabilitation program, special education program or other services. These payments are called Section 301 payments.



For those who want to take part, they must start before the end of their eligibility. The SSA must also assess the program to see if it will be sufficient to help the person with their skills and education so they no longer need SSI.

Disabled children and their parents should have professional help with SSI

Parents who care for a disabled child will undoubtedly be concerned as to what might happen when they turn 18. Depending on the situation, their benefits might simply continue after the redetermination.

Even if they do not, there are options available and understanding the process is essential from the outset. For help with any part of a Social Security Disability case, it is important to have experienced and professional advice.