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Planning effectively for your autistic child’s future

| Oct 18, 2022 | Firm News

Parents of disabled children or those with severe autism worry about their children’s futures. And, these fears do not go away as they age, even if they become an independent adult. It is a parent’s job to always worry. However, it is also a parent’s job to plan for their child’s future, and this is where the Law Office of Annette Rutkowski LLC, can help you.

Developing the transition plan

To plan for your child’s transition to adulthood and your eventual passing, you need to create a comprehensive transition plan. This is where our firm shines. We personalize each plan to your specific needs. And, we do it right here in Indianapolis for our clients through western, southern and central Indiana.

Keep what they already have

A key aspect to your comprehensive transition plan is preserving your child’s current benefits. You may worry that those benefits will expire when they turn 18. However, the Law Office of Annette Rutkowski LLC, can work with the Social Security Administration to preserve your SSI, SSD and Medicaid benefits. We work with your doctors and, as needed, other specialists to put you in the best position possible.

Getting new benefits

On the other hand, your child may not receive SSI, SSD, Medicaid benefits or other benefits. It could be that you did not need them or that they did not qualify for them because of your income. But, to ensure that your child can live independently, they may need benefits in adulthood. We will take the full scope of you and your child’s circumstances to see what your child needs and how to meet those needs with governmental assistance. We can even navigate the application and appeals process.