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Can I reapply for SSDI if my first application was denied?

| Jan 30, 2023 | Social Security Disability

A disability can absolutely wreak havoc on your life, even if you are seeking treatment for your medical condition. While you want to work to support yourself, your disability may simply prevent this.

With no way to earn an income, you applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Unfortunately, after many stressful and frustrating levels of appeal, you were denied the benefits you deserve.

If this happens, you might want to reapply for SSD benefits. Are you allowed to do so and is there any benefit to pursuing benefits a second time?

Reapplying for SSD benefits

There is no harm in reapplying for SSD benefits. Doing so gives you a second chance opportunity to obtain the financial help you desperately need to meet your medical and financial needs.

You can reapply for SSD benefits as many times as you wish. You can reapply for benefits based on the same medical condition as your previous application, or you can reapply for benefits based on a different medical condition than the one stated in your previous application.

In your reapplication, it can help to show how your medical condition has become more severe since your denial, buttressed by new or better proof that you fall under the definition of disability per Social Security Administration (SSA) rules.

The qualify for SSD benefits, you need to show you cannot work because you have a disability recognized by the SSA that keeps you from performing any substantial gainful activity for a year or more, or alternatively, is terminal.

Benefits of reapplying

If your reapplication is approved, you can obtain the financial resources you need to support yourself and the Medicare benefits you need to pay for your medical care.

You might even receive retroactive benefits. However, these benefits generally will only go back to the date you reapplied for benefits. This is because the SSA deemed you were not disabled when you previously applied for benefits.

Reapplying for SSD benefits does no harm and can ultimately lead to a favorable result. Still, a successful reapplication can be challenging to obtain without the assistance of a professional familiar with SSD laws and the SSD application process.