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Living outside the US and getting SSDI

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Social Security Disability

Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) provides payments to persons who have become unable to work but have yet to reach their retirement age. The applicant must suffer from a disabling condition that makes them unable to work. They must meet all requirements for approval and present an appropriate amount of proof. Some applicants may wonder if they could still collect SSDI if they leave Indiana and move to a foreign country. They may qualify if they meet specific criteria.

SSDI and living abroad

Any U.S. citizen who qualifies for disability based on their work record could receive SSDI payments when living overseas, provided they live in an approved country and do not exceed the six-month cutoff. Anyone who collects SSDI and remains outside the United States or its territories for six months or more will not receive SSDI payments.

Some exceptions to the six-month cutoff may apply. If the U.S. citizen stays outside the United States for more than six months, the individual must send the Social Security Administration additional documentation and await a response.

Applying for SSDI

A Social Security disability insurance applicant may benefit from making sure that they submit everything required in the package. An application for SSDI benefits may be denied if the applicant does not submit everything required. Additionally, those who live outside the United States must comply with the established statutes to legally receive their benefits.

Although the applicant may receive a denial, options are available to overcome the adverse decision. Filing an appeal is one path, and a successful appeal may result in the person receiving benefits. The applicant may file a lawsuit in federal court in more complicated cases.