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Continue to appeal denials when applying for SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2023 | Federal Disability Cases

If you live in Indiana and applied for Social Security Disability benefits, you should know it can be challenging to complete the process and get accepted. If you’re denied benefits during the first stage of the application process, it’s essential to appeal the adverse decision.

Only a few applicants are approved by the Appeals Council

When you’re disabled and have been denied Social Security disability benefits in the initial stage of the application process, you may feel frustrated and give up. Statistics indicate that only 2% of claims reviewed by the Appeals Council are approved. However, there’s still a chance of receiving benefits by filing an appeal with the federal district court located where you live.

Appealing at the federal district court level

The first step in appealing an unfavorable decision with the federal district court is to pay a filing fee. If doing so causes financial hardship, you can ask if the court will waive the fee. This request must be made in writing, and there’s no guarantee that the dismissal will happen.

Time limits

It’s also important to note that your appeal for Social Security benefits must be done within 60 days of receiving the Appeals Council’s negative decision. Missing the 60-day mark requires you to restart the application process, which can be frustrating if it’s taken considerable time to get to your current stage. Federal disability cases can be complex and confusing. Understanding the process is crucial if you want to be awarded Social Security Disability benefits.

Limited timeframe

Federal judges have heavy workloads, which can take over a year to resolve. If you have an appeal denied at the district court, the next step in the process is to appeal to the federal circuit court, which has a very high filing fee.

Doing all you can to initially complete the application process correctly when applying for Social Security Disability benefits is imperative. Dealing with denials can be frustrating, but it can still be worthwhile to continue appealing when the opportunity is available.