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Do you have an older child with autism?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2024 | Disability For Children/Adult Children

Autistic children in Indiana and around the country do not have easy lives, and the challenges they face can become overwhelming when they become young adults. Attending college, finding a job and entering the dating scene can be very difficult for people on the spectrum, but research groups like the Yale Medicine Child Study Center are doing work that could help autistic children and their parents.

Independent living

People on the autism spectrum find it difficult to fit in at work as they tend to take things quite literally and often fail to pick up on banter and misinterpret small talk. However, autistic workers are often a fit for repetitive jobs that others could find boring. They are also reliable, diligent and honest. The Yale Medicine Child Study Center has developed a system that uses virtual reality to tach autistic children social skills and prepare them for the workplace and dating scene. This approach has been successful when parents encourage their children and have conversations with them about uncomfortable subjects.

Disability benefits for autistic children

The Social Security Administration stops paying disability benefits to parents when their disabled children reach the age of 18, but autistic children may qualify for disability for adult children. These payments are based on the contributions made by parents, so an autistic adult who became disabled before the age of 22 may receive benefits even if they have no work history. To receive Disabled Adult Child SSDI benefits, the child, grandchild, stepchild or step grandchild must be over the age of 18, unmarried and have a qualifying disability. Autism is considered a qualifying disability.

Making life easier for autistic children

Autistic children face many challenges when they become adults and attend college or enter the workplace. Researchers have found that combining candid conversations with virtual reality therapy can make this transition easier.