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Understanding the compassionate allowance program

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Social Security Disability

People who receive Social Security benefits in Indiana should know about the Compassionate Allowance program. This system enables people to more quickly qualify for Social Security disability payments if they have certain serious conditions. These can include cancer, disorders of the brain, and disorders that affect children.

What does the compassionate allowance program do?

People who are suffering from serious illnesses should never have to wait for months or years to receive benefits. The Compassionate Allowance system is designed to help reduce the amount of time it takes qualify for benefits. This is crucial because, if you are approved faster, you will also receive quicker access to your SSD benefits.

How does the program work?

New technology has allowed the SSD program to fast track your claim in order to grant you your Compassionate Allowance. This is a much more efficient and reliable process that can result in a speedy decision and approval.

The new system allows information from the public and health services to be transmitted straight to the SSA. This data increases the amount of knowledge that the agency has concerning a wide number of diseases and disabilities.

At the same time, information gathered from past outreach hearings is augmented. Once evaluated, it can be used to reach a faster decision in any new case that arises.

How much can your allowance be?

If you are a citizen on Social Security benefits, your maximum payout will generally be $3,627 per month. If you are on Supplemental Security, the amount of your payment may be set at $914 per month.

Your Compassionate Allowance benefits are valued based on several factors. These include your work history, total assets, and others. The major advantage of the program is the speed with which you can receive these benefits.