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The SSD Trial Work Period

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2023 | Social Security Disability

The Social Security Disability (SSD) program is one of the most complicated Social Security programs in Indiana. It is inherently different from traditional benefits and only goes to a small percentage of residents. Since it provides income that helps replace wages, it is controlled by a number of rules and regulations. One of these, the Trial Work Period, is an incentive to help some disability recipients get back to work and improve their lives.

What is the SSD Trial Work Period?

The Social Security Disability system involves a determination of whether an individual is temporarily or permanently disabled. If they are determined to be disabled, they are entitled to a series of payments along with restrictions on the money that can earn and the amounts they can have in their bank accounts. In some instances, people who are disabled can have the nature of their disabilities change. They can have a desire to work with new technologies and in new areas. In that case, SSD has a process called the Trial Work Period where recipients can work above the income maximum for at least nine months while still receiving all of their disability benefits. They can ease their way into a field of work that may be compatible with their disability and find a potential career path where they will no longer need disability benefits.


The many restrictions of SSD can be onerous and demanding. People on SSD are often unable to move up economically or expand their skills. They may feel stuck or trapped at a particular income level. The Trial Work Period allows these people to see what a future off of benefits might look like before achieving financial independence. Such a period can be enormously helpful to allowing SSD recipients to find dignity and a new path forward through new job opportunities.