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Every SSDI case is unique

On Behalf of | May 18, 2024 | Social Security Disability

People sometimes make the mistake of assuming that there is a standard or typical result for an SSDI case, as if all cases are relatively similar. This can lead to some misconceptions about the process, especially if there is a denial.

The reality is that each case is unique and has its own factors that have to be considered. This is why those who are applying should never assume that the results someone else got will also apply to them. Their case may be similar, but it is always different enough that the details have to be considered individually.

Factors that make a difference

There are numerous different factors to consider, starting with work history. One person may have a much longer work history than another, and the benefits that a person receives depend on how long they have worked and paid Social Security taxes. An older worker with 30 years of experience may have a far different result than a younger person who has only been in the workforce for five years.

Another thing to consider is that a disability has to last for at least 12 months to qualify. Even if two people had the same condition, one person might be expected to recover in under a year and they may not qualify for benefits – while the other person might be declared disabled because their prognosis is different.

Finally, every medical condition is unique. One person may have a back injury which means they can never work again. Another person may have a similar back injury but they may work in a different industry where they can still return to the workforce.

This shows how complicated these SSDI cases can be. It’s helpful to work with an experienced legal team when applying for benefits.