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Guiding You Through Continuing Disability Reviews

In order to continue receiving Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income, you must pass a Continuing Disability Review (CDR) from time to time. Failing to speak to an attorney prior to the CDR could leave you vulnerable to having your disability benefits stopped altogether.

At KBAR Legal Services, LLP, our attorneys provide comprehensive guidance throughout the CDR process. From our office in Carmel, we help individuals in the Indianapolis area and beyond in central, southern and western Indiana navigate their upcoming CDR.

How Does The CDR Work?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) typically must conduct a CDR every three years. It is possible that you will receive a review sooner than three years if you have a condition that the SSA expects you will be able to recover from in a shorter time period.

In addition to this three-year schedule, certain events may trigger the SSA to conduct a CDR, including:

  • Your return to the workforce
  • You have told the SSA that your disability has improved
  • Medical data show that your disability has improved
  • New treatment for your disability is available

This review aims to identify whether someone who is receiving disability benefits still is disabled or blind based on the SSA’s standards. The SSA will inquire about recent medical treatment you have received, any medical tests that have been conducted and whether you have been able to return to work.

Strengthening Your Position During A CDR

Going through a CDR is a challenging process, and the prospect of losing your disability benefits is stressful. The criteria for being eligible for disability benefits have become increasingly strict every year. This means that it is becoming harder and harder to maintain your benefits. It is critical to have a lawyer who understands the law, working on your behalf.

Our goal is to make the CDR process as easy as possible for you. Whether it is completing paperwork or submitting medical evidence, our focus is on reducing the stress you feel about your case. We will help ensure those who suffer from a disability continue to receive the benefits they are entitled to under the law.

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