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The Process Of Getting Approved For Social Security Disability Benefits

Not all applicants for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits meet the qualifications. Many others, however, should qualify but do not submit a complete application or appeal after being denied. Understanding the application and appeals process can improve someone’s chances of success.

At KBAR Legal Services, LLP, our SSD attorneys draw on years of experience when determining whether clients’ cases are likely to succeed. From our office in Carmel, we serve clients in the Indianapolis area and throughout Indiana. When we believe in a case, we guide an applicant through all stages of the application and appeals process.

Steps In The Application And Appeals Process

When seeking Social Security Disability benefits, you may need to follow these steps:

  • Complete and submit a well-documented initial application for benefits: Some lawyers tell people to do this step on their own. But at KBAR Legal Services, LLP, we gladly advise people from the very beginning, regardless of the advantage to us. We are in SSD law because we want to help people get the benefits they deserve.
  • Schedule SSD hearings after a claim is denied: It is common for the initial application to be denied even if it is well put together. The next step after a denial is to request a reconsideration, which, if granted, will happen in a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). For your own good, do not attempt to interact with an ALJ on your own. You need an attorney who understands the process and can represent you at a hearing.
  • Take your case before the Appeals Council: The Social Security Appeals Council is your next source of hope if the ALJ does not approve you during a reconsideration hearing.
  • File an SSD appeal in federal court: When we represent you in an SSD federal court appeal, we will dig deep to find ways to persuade the court that your case has merit and you should receive benefits dating back to when you first applied.
  • Apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) if you do not qualify on the basis of work history, and your income and resources are low enough to make you eligible for SSI.

If we represent you through the process of pursuing your rightful SSD benefits, you will not owe us attorney fees until we help you obtain benefits. You will pay us from your initial back-benefits payment, and thereafter, you will not owe us more out of your monthly benefits from then on.

Reach Out For A Ray Of Hope

Many people feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the many details involved in an SSD application or appeal. We understand, and our lawyers are here to lift your burdens. We will keep you well-informed throughout the process.

We hope to hear from you soon if you are about to start or have already started the SSD benefits application and appeals process. Call 317-550-3586 or email us.