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About Your Potential Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

If you are like most people who may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you are probably full of questions such as how to qualify, when they may start and how much they will likely be if your application is approved. Specific answers vary depending on individual circumstances. However, we can provide you with basic explanations to help you get a meaningful discussion started during an initial consultation.

At KBAR Legal Services, LLP, we bring experience, knowledge and compassion to the table. From our Carmel office, we serve clients through the Indianapolis area and beyond. We want to help you maximize the benefits you can receive from SSD and other sources, too, such as long-term disability insurance.

Basis Facts About SSD Benefits

When we meet with you to discuss your SSD qualifications, application or appeal, we will personalize the following information to match your situation.

  • If you believe you qualify for SSD, you should apply as soon as possible. Even if your case takes a while to be resolved, your initial payout will include back benefits starting from when SSD determines your disability began. Getting your case documented early can make a difference.
  • In most cases, you will qualify if you verify a disability that prevents you from working as before and if you have a long enough work history to be eligible. The required work history will depend on your age. If you are over age 31, you should have worked five years out of the ten years ending with the quarter in which you became disabled.
  • To make you qualified for SSD benefits, your disability should be expected to last at least a year or it should be fatal.
  • The amount of your monthly disability benefits will be based on your average lifetime earnings.
  • If you qualify for benefits, the Social Security Administration will begin paying you the sixth full month after you have been determined to have a disability.
  • If you have a spouse over age 62 and/or care for a child of yours who is under age 16, your spouse may be eligible for their own benefits on the basis of your eligibility. The same is true for your unmarried child under the age of 18 (or 19 if in high school) or your unmarried child of any age who has a disability that began before they were 22 years old.

These summaries do not necessarily apply to all cases. Ask an attorney to evaluate your case to determine how much you might receive in benefits and when they might start.

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